All Saints of America Orthodox Church
313 Twin Lakes Road, Salisbury, Connecticut
PO Box 45, Salisbury, CT 06068-0045
Icon Installed on Back wall

Our Iconographer, Fr. Andrew Tregobov has rectently finished our Icons for the back wall. On Wednesday morning he came and with the help of some parishioners and friends the Icons were installed. What we see depicted is the image of Christ in Glory of the heavenly Hosts within the open doors of His Ethernal Kingdom calling His Mother, His Forerunner, our first parents Adam and Eve together with all of us as we "depart in peace"  takiing with us the knowledge fot he past; the history of salvation: the experience fo the present: our communion with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit: and the joyful expectation of the future: the second coming of Christ.

A special thank you to all who donated to this Icon,  To Dennis Johnson, Mike Stumo, John Mongeau and Matthew Kreta who all helped Fr. to install the Icons. (see our gallery for more pictures)

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