Blessing of Twin Lakes - 01/10/10

Although we woke up to 0 degrees, as we processed to the lake in the cold, God's mercy was abundantly clear. The sun warmed our bodies, the beauty of God's creation of lake,sky and mountains warmed our hearts and the prayers of Blessing warmed our souls.

Processing to the Lake
All were bundled for the cold
OT readings at Lake
All gathered at the lake for the Blessing
Scott Mitchell reads the prophecies
Altar servicers praying
Reading of the Holy Gospel
Fr. John reads the prayers for the Great Blessing of Water
The children were not bothered by the cold
The cross is plunged into the water
The children run across the frozen water to retrieve the cross
The procession home across the newly Blessed (frozen) Lake
The cross filled with snow from the lake
The Children return with the Cross
The newly Blessed Lake